imaginit has over fifteen years worth of experience in supplying new media solutions to organisations, big and small. Imaginit is based in Crawley, West Sussex and supplies services throughout the UK and Europe.

We provide

  • Web design, website development, website maintenance, promotion & hosting
  • Website content management
  • Website application development & consultancy

We specialise in

  • Web design & hosting for SME (Small-to-Medium-Enterprises) and larger organisations
  • Medium and enterprise level content management
  • Web based applications for internet, intranet and extranet
  • Mobile websites for smartphones, tablets and other portable internet devices

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Products & Services

Content Management

We offer the very best in reliable, easy to use and affordable content management - imaginEngine CMS.

imaginEngine CMS comprises a suite of robust content management tools, delivering speed and durability together with a broad range of features to suit most requirements. imaginit has developed this application from a web designer's perspective, so there are practically no limitations to your chosen page design, which is often a common failing with other template-driven CMS's.

Easy to use
imaginEngine CMS is extremely intuitive, requiring the minimum of training time and maintenance. From an administrative perspective, imaginEngine CMS makes it easy for you to manage who can contribute, edit and publish content. The administrator can allocate specific publishing rights to selected individuals, both site-wide and by navigational sector.

Latest Features
imaginEngine CMS includes a revised news publishing engine with RSS and Twitter syndication, image manipulation tools which free contributers from having to learn and use additional photo-editing packages, plus we've added an easy to use document management facility for good measure.

As imaginEngine CMS is server based it relies on standards-based web browser technology to deliver its simple, easy to use 'What You See Is What You Get' (WYSIWYG) interface. No additional client software or licenses are required. What this means is that there are no hidden 'per seat' charges, making imaginEngine CMS ideal for SME's, Corporates and Government bodies alike.

Web Applications

imaginit provides bespoke online business solutions, typically involving the integration of back office systems with front of house activities; be that for e-commerce, knowledge and resource sharing, or real time productivity and cost monitoring.

While some business requirements can be solved using an off-the-shelf package, there are many occasions when only a uniquely tailored software solution will do.

Using our preferred Rapid Application Development environment, Adobe ColdFusion, we can quickly deliver tailored, standards compliant web based business solutions at a significantly lower cost than an off-the-shelf package.

Example applications include:-

  • imaginEngine Xtra - an extranet system
  • Interactive Calculators / Product choosers
  • Financial document generation systems
  • Asset management systems

For more information, please call Peter Lucas on 0845 602 7397


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For more information, please call Peter Lucas on 0845 602 7397


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